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The national chart of USA

In this new article it is our objective to reflect on the horoscope Of the USA, using for it 3 affirmations that the Tibetan Master in Alice Bailey's books about what surely can be considered the most important country of the modern era.

It is very important for us, the students of the book "Astrology Esoteric” by Alice Bailey, to be able to compare the Master's claims with the horoscope in question, since this reflective comparison allows us to deepen in a more concretely practical in the "wonderful" (for Novel) astrological concepts contributed by the book previously appointed.

The 3 affirmations of the Tibetan

1- The US is a country with a Soul ruled by the 2 Ray of Love Wisdom, with a personality belonging to the 6 Ray of devotion to the Ideal. 

2- The US is a country that can manifest and illuminate the great ideals that promote world unity, but at the same time, there are also powerful selfish forces that promote myopic or separatist ideals.

3- In the US horoscope Aquarius plays a very important role.

Horoscope of the United States of America*

Reflection / analysis of the horoscope through the 3 affirmations of the Master

In the chart we can well observe in relation to point 1-2 that the great ability to generate US ideals is very powerfully inscribed in its Neptune conjunction MC with the ascendant in Sagittarius, for being Neptune the idealized feeling and the Archer the power to focus the mind on an address: The ideal motivator.

That said idealism is selfish excluding or generously inclusive will depend very much on the ability of the American people to manage the frustration that comes with your powerful house in Cancer together with its tight squared Sun-Saturn expressing itself through an angular Mars in Gemini’s.

As we know, from esoteric astrology, all frustration is an opportunity.

Gemini / Uranus from the house of relationships, is one of the most benign of the horoscope, if not the most, since Gemini brings with it the energy (2 Ray) Soul of United States, and Uranus is the "intelligence cosmic", two qualities that can alter egoisms too sentimental or centralized images reflected in Cancer along with a Mars reactive (for being at house 7) and capricious (for being in Gemini). In this case, the sign of the Twins and the classic militant egotism of Mars are linked with the most personal or exoteric expression of the horoscope. In this case Mars (in house 7) is the exoteric symbol of the negative power that firearms have in the US. 

As we know that every natal chart can be analyzed from two points of view, the personal or soul, although for our part we pay attention to the Alma aspect, knowing that the greater meaning includes the lesser.

Therefore Gemini / Uranus can decant the expression of the ideal, (inscribed in House 10 / Neptune), towards more inclusive ideals. If on the contrary, the American people let themselves be carried away by the more traditionalist power, attached, proud and dark reflected in Cancer / Sun / house 8, ideals which will be expressed at home X will be self-centred or selfish patriotic, ideals these, which seem rather to be the reflection of the present president, but it is clear that they are not from the previous one, Barack Obama. In these cases we must know that the nations, (with their people), as people, are like pendulums that dance in duality, and that is it is good to think that in every duality the opportunity for relate, understand, include and unify with that or that which it is also part of one's country or self.

The signs that bring to our solar system the 2 Ray of Love Wisdom rector of the US Soul are Gemini - Virgo - Pisces; And those who bring our solar systems the 6 Ray of Devotion and Idealism belonging to the US Personality are Virgo - Sagittarius - Pisces

If we look at these four signs (with the exception of Pisces) they are very present in the horoscope, being the meaning of Gemini, the main energy that can decant the tendencies of the horoscope in favor of the 2 Ray rector of the Soul of the country. Gemini is the quality that relates the dualities, that promises Gemini in house 7, is imposed in the US, we may well think that the great idealizing power that Neptune truly holds, (as regent esoteric and hierarchical of Cancer in conjunction MC), will be more decentralized and universal.

Now, we know that for esoteric astrology the rising sign always marks the purpose to Soul and in this case the sign is Sagittarius, bearer of the 6 Ray or more selfish personal force of the USA, we must think that their contribution is negative?, the answer is NO, but rather we must think than the US, to approach his Soul of 2 Ray, paradoxically must deepen the correct application of energy 6Ray-Sagittarian that in his phrase for the Soul tells us:

"I see the goal, I reach that goal and I see another." 

This phrase, when referring to the Soul for being the ascendant, tells us that the purpose of the United States Consciousness is to have devotion or knowing focus on noble and inclusive (ideals) goals, reflected in their opposite polar Gemini, and that if this is not so it is clear that behind it is NOT the purpose of Sagittarius, but rather the traditionalist tendency (Cancer Personality) of a powerful ambition (Sun square Saturn) that darkly uses the wealth of others (house 8) justifying itself through a powerful ideal (Neptune in house X) governed by a weak and confusing reason (mercury exoteric ruler of Virgo / Gemini in house 8 opposed to Pluto) conditioned by a patriotic tradition (Cancer) selfish and expired.

In fact, and in favor of Sagittarius, let's look closely at how both the line of its esoteric ruler, (the Earth), and that of its hierarchical ruler, (Mars), pass through Gemini.

-         The Earth, esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, is in Capricorn, ruled esoterically by Saturn in Libra, in turn ruled, also esoterically, by Uranus in angular conjunction in Gemini.

-         Mars, as the hierarchical ruler of Sagittarius, is in Gemini.

Therefore, Sagittarius (the purpose of the Soul) through its regents acquires a geminian nuance, or what is the same, a greater decentralization and flexibility. We would say that the Sagittarius Gemini interaction contributes to the purpose of the Soul of the USA the opportunity to focus on ideals (quality of Sagittarius/6R) that are increasingly inclusive (Gemini / 2R quality).

To conclude with point 1-2 we will consider Neptune and Virgo, both, two energies, (one more specific for being one planet and the other more subjective), which treasure and intermingle in their meanings both the qualities of the 2Ray of the Soul as those of the Personal Rule or 6Ray of the States United. 

Now, if we think that the US is a country with a certain level of evolution, (at least this is my impression), it is logical to assume that this will increasingly use Neptune Virgo more and better in relation to the 2R of its soul to the detriment or control of the sixth staff. 

In fact returning to the regencies, and thinking of Virgo as a carrier of 2Ray, Neptune in Virgo is in mutual hierarchical reception with Jupiter in Cancer, the planet carrying the 2Ray, in his sign of exaltation, and who at the same time is the exoteric rector of the rising sign and esoteric of the Moon in Aquarius. 

As we can see the horoscope shows various trends, being the related to the Soul of 2Ray, Gemini - Virgo - Neptune - Jupiter, the ones that interest us most to highlight through the meaning of the always very important rising sign.

In relation to point 3 and the role of Aquarius in the national chart of USA, there is no doubt the power of the Moon in Aquarius in house 3 or house of the communication. Truly this Moon activating the cross fixes on its own hierarchical regency and as exoteric ruler of all the planets in Cancer and esoteric of the splendid Neptune in Virgo is, without any genus of doubts, one of the keys to the horoscope.

Remember that the hierarchical regency is the intermediate position, the objective result that manifests itself in the relationship (more or less harmonious) between the (esoteric) Soul and the Personality (exoteric), and in this sense, the Moon, understood from esoteric astrology as "the Will of God for expression through form”, materializes everything the previously exposed through the Aquarian qualities. We could say that it concentrates the final result: The expression of the 2 R of the Soul of the USA through the universal service or the expressive lunar form (the will of God) reflected in Aquarius.

As we know, Esoteric Astrology considers that the basic lunar forces, logically in evolved consciences, are watching over the energy and meaning of the three sacred planets, Vulcan - Neptune or Uranus, and that is work of the astrologist come to know by the attitudes of the subject owner of the horoscope which of the three is the dominant in consciousness.

In this case, when the US expresses generosity and global empathy, it is clear that the Moon is guarding the energies of a Uranus in Gemini, and this attitude is linked to the objective expression of 2R trough the Twins. 

On the other hand, when the US expresses patriotism and fear of the external, it is watching over a Neptune very conditioned by Cancer. This attitude is linked to the objective expression of a 6R conditioned by the selfish personal tendencies.

And also, as is logical in any dual process, at certain times of its history the US Moon has been and will be watching over Vulcan, as the internal aspect that builds and fuses dualities, linked attitude to the subjective aspect of a 2R of Soul trough Virgo.

Astrologically Vulcan is located next to the Sun in Cancer as the esoteric ruler of Virgo. Vulcan, the shaper, in this horoscope is that intermediate energy between the personal meaning of Cancer and the more universal of Aquarius that, through Virgo is able to use the transformative forces of house 8 to build and fuse a form (Lunar) more in accordance with the demands, increasingly inclusive, that Gemini, with Uranus + Mars as hierarchical rector of Sagittarius, from the Soul demands.

The US Presidents (synastry)

We may think that if for the US horoscope the Sagittarius – Geminis the key, so should be for the horoscopes of your Presidents. Without going any further, if we overlap both horoscopes, we can observe, to mention some examples, the importance it had for his brilliant triumph the Moon in Gemini of Barack Obama, with application trine to his Jupiter in Aquarius as the esoteric ruler of the ascendant.

As well as the power it has exercised in the election of the current president, Donald Trump, where his horoscope shows a full moon in Sagittarius with Sun in Gemini. And to finish as the Nobility of the MC in conjunction Neptune Saturn in Sagittarius of the natal chart of Abraham Lincoln coincides with the ascendant of his country, at the same time that the Moon in Aquarius of this coincides with the sun and the rising sing of Lincoln.

We wholeheartedly hope that this reflective analysis will serve to advance in the knowledge and practical application of the astrology of the Soul.

Declaration of Independence

Article written in Full Moon Sagittarius:

"I see the goal, I reach that goal and I see another" 

Where the mind projects its gaze is born intuition, the attitude of all parties involved.

*(Data used: 4 July 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; this is the so-called "Sibly chart", which was originally published in 1787. It is based, in part, on eyewitness accounts of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There is another chart commonly used for the USA, which gives Gemini on the Ascendant, but there is no historical evidence to support this horoscope.) 
Source: http://www.astro.com/nat/natus2_s.htm?lang=e Liz Greene: "the national chart of United States" Astrodienst web.

From the point of view of Esoteric Astrology in this national chart is important to consider an MC in Virgo because of the important link that this sign has with the 2Ray regent of the Soul of the United States and, as the birth time is not sure at all, we make the horoscope 20 minutes before Liz Green's.

David C.M. email: logos.astrologiaesoterica@gmail.com
Translated by Lester Fernandez

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