The natal chart of Alice Bailey

An esoteric interpretation of the horoscope of Alice Bailey

As many of you should know by now, Alice Bailey was the one who wrote, (thanks to the qualities and virtues that treasured her high evolutionary degree), the wonderful, evocative and highly Spiritual Blue Books of the Tibetan Master. 

In this article it is our intention to make a brief interpretation about psycho-Astrological-esoteric character and soul of Alice Bailey. For that first we will make references to their more personal particularities for later to be able to approach us with more understanding to her more spiritual realizations.  

We emphasize that all the biographical data used in the article have been extracted from her book: "Unfinished Autobiography" Sirio editorial (Spanish Version)

Horoscope of Alice Bailey

Youth ("Bad character")

We know that Alice Bailey as a young woman was a girl with a great Faith in Christ with which she showed great evangelizing will. But, from its appearance negative, we also know that the young Alice had an impulsive temperament that made her very rebellious and individualistic.

This individualistic (selfish) attitude is a clear reference, since destructive aspect of the 1 Ray of Will and Power that we know was, by references of the Tibetan Master or herself, the ruling Ray of her personality.

Astrologically Saturn (Karma) in Aries (Fall), as well as Mars in Leo, (two signs bearing the 1R), make clear  reference to power often negative and unthinking personality of 1 Ray with Mars at house 1 regent of Saturn fallen in the ten house.

We can say that his impulsive personal destructive aspect was reflected in and through the tendencies of a Sun in Gemini's, (remember that for the esoteric astrology the sun sign are the personal forces, the Guna Rajas the active / passion aspect), which again and again derived their vital force in the characteristic impetuous behaviour of a Mars in angular conjunction at house 1 square Neptune.

This "confused" or selfish attitude is highly conditioned by the position of Mercury, the exoteric ruler of the Sun, in conjunction with the South node in Cancer house XII, implying a certain negative karmic inheritance linked with malaise-emotional.

Even so, as we shall see later, the trine of Jupiter from the MC to Mars in the Ascendant is a promise of great achievements.

Necessarily, in such an evolved person, this attitude, according to her own words, "violent and unpleasant",  sueded a sincere readjustment.

The first time that to her Consciousness or Soul was offered the opportunity to carry out this adjustment was a Sunday morning (30 f June of 1895) when Alice had the first encounter with her Master:     Koot Hoomi.

That day He told me:

"... that I had to do a job for the world and that for it I had to change my disposition because I had to stop being a creature unpleasant and get some measure of self-control "

"My future to with Him and the World depended on whether he could achieve true self-Control ... , he also told me that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries"

Pages 32-33-34 of his autobiography (Sirio editorial).

Undoubtedly, the reference to travel, which although came to be true, was spoken by Koot Hoomi to maintain "faith" or motivate the heart of 15 years old girl that in those days and for the classic reasons of the adolescence felt very unhappy.

Astrologically the discouragement that Alice suffered at that time (1905-1906) it was due to Saturn in square and Pluto by conjunction transited their natal Sun in Gemini, invoking with their pressure "the moment" or the opportunity to carry out the readjustment before quoted from the personal forces.

Said to herself:

"I began to stop thinking that it was not Joan of Arc to start control my violent-explosive character " " ... control my tongue angry ... ".

Pages 34 of her autobiography (Sirio editorial).

Truly, as it could not be otherwise, the visit of the Master aroused in her the moti-vation to exercise self-control.

The recognition of the Soul

In this "awakening" we can well say that Alice Bailey started recognize the qualities of your soul thanks to the discovery and application of the meaning of her ascendant, Leo. As we know for the esoteric astrology the rising sign is the illuminates the path of the Soul, the Guna Sattva of Rhythm and Harmony. So, Leo marked the quality that Alice Bailey used to meet with more depth.

Remember that the rising sign as the way of the soul can only be used through the mind in a reflexive contrast with the solar sign or the more personal path of a mind conditioned by the wish.

So it was thanks to the Lion that Alice achieved a mind detached from the personal desires and more attached to the Soul, the previous step to practice impersonality with its harmless and just word, just what the master asked her.

Inevitably this mental attitude conditioned, and over time, "put under his feet" all his personal tendencies: 1Ray of Power – Saturn in fall in Aries ruled exoterically by Mars Leo house 1 - Gemini/Sun exoterically governed by Mercury in the 12 conjunction South Node

The phrase for a Soul in Leo is:

"I am that and that am I"

Leo in a selfish personality is defined as "I am", but, for the sense of the Leo Soul is defined through the identification with the other me (that). It is therefore necessary (due to the inclusive sense) the union of two parts, and this fusion can only be carried out in the own conscience. The key word of this sign is self-consciousness, the place where the union is realized; conscious union that inevitably results in a higher perception.

Visiting the possibilities offered by Leo meant for Alice the achievement conscious of large shares of acceptance, understanding, patience and intuition, all of them superior qualities of his Soul of 2 Ray of Love and Wisdom. 

It was thanks to this attitude that his Sun, the esoteric ruler of the ascendant happened to be ruled by the "light" of Venus, in its own esoteric regency, Gemini, the bearer of the 2Ray.


This growing recognition (thanks to Leo) of the qualities of her ray of the Soul, paradoxically accentuated in her a feeling she already knew from very little girl, the FEAR.

In this sense, fear is the main psychic difficulty that must to face all Soul of 2Ray to advance in the spiritual way. All positive side has its negative counterpart, being for a Soul of 2Ray that the illusion (unreal) of an indecisive character (fearful - no action) it is due to its great capacity (positive side) of study, reflection, self-observation and sense of relativity.

The power of reasoning in an impersonal and inclusive way that has a Soul of 2Ray can be frustrating for action cravings centralized / excluding, and more if it is a personality of 1Ray, as was the case of Alice Bailey.

This dual voltage if not well (from the mind illuminated by the Soul) may very well through fear condition the action, creating frustration and excessive self-commiseration.

"The fear of failure is deeply rooted in my life ...., from here the profound inferiority complex that I suffer, but that I try to hide it In good of the work that I realize”

page 73 of the book "unfinished autobiography

Remember that any acquisition (accumulation) of knowledge spirit finds its natural outlet through its application (service) in the environment (family, neighbours, group, society) more immediate. Is in the service, and not in excess of knowledge, where the personality (With your fears or selfishness) must be transmuted.

Thus, through the power of Leon, the power of reason through the self-application of the knowledge acquired (Quality of 2Ray) was increased in Alice, discovering in this process the priceless healing force of her Venus in Gemini: the light of loving intelligence or understanding applied to her great spiritual work towards humanity which we all already know. 

Astrologically speaking this work is powerfully dignified in her exceptional Midheaven / Jupiter / Aries: the definitive expansion of a vocational destiny applied with Love and Wisdom final.

Synthesis through the Three Crosses

Alice Bailey through the Fixed Cross (starting from Leo) related with her Mutable Cross positioned strongly in Gemini. This union, or the interrelation between consciousness (reflected in a fixed cross) and the adaptive vital attitude (reflected in mutable cross) gave spiritual essence to its Cardinal Cross, reflected mainly in Aries/Mid heaven, where Saturn was the opportunity of a great destiny and Jupiter the splendour of his great Soul.

In Alice Bailey, through the subjective or esoteric meaning of the Lion, deeply mixed the Love - Wisdom of 2Ray of her soul(Reflected in Gemini - Virgo) with the Power of 1Rayo of her personality (Reflected in Leo-Aries). The signs and rays intersect. In this sense is very significant that Uranus, (ultimately the planet bearer of 1Ray), be in Virgo (2ºR) in mutual hierarchical reception with Jupiter (planet bearer of the 2nd Ray) in Aries

1Ray + 2Ray, Power + Love, Leo + Gemini, Activity + Rhythm, Passion+ Harmony, ultimately Personality + Soul integrated.

The Tibetan Master

Transits and progressions of a key date

It is logical to think of one of the most important days, if not the that more, in Alice Bailey's life, it was the afternoon when for the first time contact with the Tibetan Master, the great sage who created the World-renowned Blue Books thanks to the esoteric and Christian knowledge that Alice possessed and through her ability to telepathy and/or clairaudience. Teacher and Disciple are One.

She tells it so in her autobiography:

"In November 1919 I established my first contact with the Tibetan. I had sent my daughters to school and, with the idea of having some minutes to me, I went out in the direction of a hill, near the house, there me I sat down and began to reflect, when suddenly I felt alarmed and pay attention. I heard what I thought was a clear musical note, issued from heaven, and resounding on the hill and within me. Then I heard a voice that said: Certain books should be written for the public. You can write them. You will do it? ...

page 122 of the book "unfinished autobiography"

In the letter below we show the transits (marked by theouter planets in red), and progressions (by the planets + Asc + McExternal in green) for that very important first contact.

Natal chart + Transits + Progressions: "the clock"

As it could not be less this great day is well marked in the Alice Bailey's horoscope through the transits and progressions of that moment, since Jupiter and Neptune, (two very beneficial planets bearers of the 2Ray), passed then just above her ascendant (house 1), the sign that marks the path of the Soul. As well as by progression her Sun Venus Mercury crossed by rising sign, at the same time by progression the ascending degree natal  towards contact with her Uranus natal, (the planet that reveals the mysteries), in Virgo, and just as well, the natal MC progressed into Gemini, signs both very important for the Souls of the 2nd Ray.

All this suggests to us that for Alice, and thanks to its high evolutionary degree, the great moment of awareness came, (through Jupiter-Neptune-Virgo and Gemini, planets and signs closely related to the 2Ray), the outstanding "gift" that treasured her Soul.


The 3 levels of astrological interpretation

Do not forget that in a birth chart the role of a Sign or Planet can be analysed from several points of view as long as the horoscope owner is a consciousness with a certain degree of evolution. 

It is evident that Alice Bailey was it, and therefore in her horoscope the Sun (for focus on a single point) can be seen as:

The Sun as an exoteric ruler of Mars in Leo House 1 is seen as the most active egoistic aspect of her 1 Ray of personality. Here Neptune or the lower psyche is not yet transcended, and Saturn, ruled by Mars, exerts karmic power from Aries, through the house 1.

The Sun as esoteric ruler of the ascendant Leo in Gemini in conjunction Venus is seen as the intelligent light of his 2 Ray Soul. Here Neptune is controlled and therefore it is the expression of the superior psyche: understanding and empathy. Remember that Neptune is both the upper and lower psyche depending on the level of consciousness that manages it.

At this level Venus is already the esoteric ruler of the Sun or the reflection one mind enlightened by the Soul.

The Sun as the hierarchical regent of Leo's energy veiling to Uranus in Virgo ruled hierarchically by Jupiter.  Uranus in Virgo unveils Christ internally through Jupiter, the planet carrying the 2Ray, the quality of the Soul of Alice Bailey. The spiritual creative aspect of her Soul is linked with Aries, where Uranus is hierarchical ruler at the same time as it is the esoteric ruler of his Moon in Libra. The Sun here is seen as the creative aspect of the Soul fused with the personality. Uranus activated.

Let us note that on this third level, the Earth, as the hierarchical regent of Gemini, is in Sagittarius, ruled hierarchically by Mars in Leo, to his time governed by the Sun in Gemini. A hierarchically closed triangle which tells us about the power of her Mars, the action, already totally subdued and directed by the creative aspect of the Soul.

Thanks Alice

David C.M. (logosastrologiaesoterica@gmail.com)
Translated from Spanish  to English by Lester Fernandez

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