Psychology of the Soul (consciousness - personality)

The study (logos) of the Soul (psyche)

When one studies a concept as "intangible" as that of Alma, it becomes necessary, to make it accessible to the practical understanding, to oppose it with nature more "tangible" of the human being: the personality. 

The objective experiences ("good and bad") of the personality are the tools that we have to deepen, through observation-reflection, in the subjective background of the experienced.

Any personal expression practiced, imagined or thought, if observed and analysed from impersonality, shows the reflection of a more deep, its true "reason to be". It is not gold everything that shines, but there is Gold.

What is the Soul in relation to the Personality?

We understand that the Soul is the subjective spiritual quality that conditions the expressive strengths of the personality.

The reality that we call soul is basically an expression of three types of energy-life, love and intelligence. The triple inferior nature (personality) has been prepared for the reception of these three energies, and the intelligence aspect is reflects in the mind, the nature love in the emotional body of desires and the principle life in and through the etheric or vital body "*

In all the relations between "the new and the old" there are frictions, crises, which are the sign that this relationship demands recognition in the consciousness and its consequent vital adjustment.

The Crisis (the triumph of a defeat)
We understand by crisis, (frustration, impairment, excess, depression, symptom, pathology, difficulty, disappointment, fear, inhibition, ...), as the condition that denies the satisfaction of the personality, but after the obfuscation that this produces the opportunity to recognize the Soul, the superior energy it is asking, for not to say demanding, a greater presence in Consciousness, which is the manager of the reality of that personality.
We should not think that the crisis is something sacred or necessary, but that it is the natural result of a dual relationship, and that is in the field of experiences that this crisis proposes, where consciousness can recognize that it is the perspective of the soul and not the personal perspective that can unify said duality.

"The crisis period presents a significant problem to aspirants advanced, which evokes the interest of psychiatrists and psychologists. Instead of treating difficulty as a symptom of progress, as an indication of a relatively high stage on the evolutionary scale, and a reason to feel encouraged, is considered as a disease of the mind and personality. In place of considering it as a condition that deserves to be explained and understood, although it does not imply real concern, it tries to avoid the difficulty eliminating it instead of solving it, which, although the personality can temporarily alleviate, the work of the soul is paralyzed and delayed during that particular cycle of life "

The crisis is a condition that forces the personality to an act of humility through "humiliation". An act (attitude) that entails correct understanding which rejects the ego-crystallized and rediscovers the (unconditioned) joy of the Heart. 

This joy without conditions, is not a naive joy, because behind it is the understanding that generates the pain of an accepted defeat. This Joy is the demonstration that the personality is being receptive to the energy of the Soul. In other words, the Joy that expresses the personality, is the external reflection of the responsibility that she (the personality) is exerting towards the call of the soul.

Being responsible with the truth of the Soul is shown as joy

Soul - Consciousness Personality

The One Soul shines in the upper part of this scheme with its own light, but the primordial’s to focus attention on the central part of the scheme, because it is in consciousness where the part of the One Soul that we have already incorporated to our knowledge resides; at this point the concepts my Consciousness and my Soul are synonymous.

The conscience of rolls

The human conscience is the “place” where Alma’s build and growing.

In Alma consciousness is the true meaning and, the word or creative act which expresses it. In it practice attention, silence, self-observation and, the level of identification with experience. It is the will to the good and the type of action that is generated together with the reflection of the result. In her is the concern and the achievement of understanding, and the understanding itself with consequent sensitivity and creative imagination. She is the subject, and also the structure to be able to understand and develop it.

Gradual Logic Expansion

The consciousness of the Soul it is possible to conquer another "place" through the "Busy" place. This expansion is phased or logical, because to reach a step is necessary to have the foot in the one of below, that is to say, the new perspective is acquires through the experience of the present that does not forget or escape the past.

Forget to start again, for the psychology of the Soul, is to repeat itself, a compulsion that is justified in a naivety or false innocence, is an attitude selfish that imposes itself. Another issue is the level of unconsciousness of the practitioner. The new point of view we are talking about here must be able to distil the past transforming it into a tool of understanding that entails a new attitude.


Alma's consciousness the internal and external duality disappears. There is no intention to control and/or impose personal desire outside world, but there is an intuition that state (know) that every attitude must take into account the whole as a unit. That is, with the myself Knowing that I understand myself also understand my surroundings, for so much there is no difference, but a point of view or a know that includes both. This attitude is the golden rule, expressed in the words of the Master as: "you will love your brother as yourself"


Consciousness of Soul is to achieve harmlessness, because the relationship with the environment does not depends on a self-egocentric with an exclusive desire and its impulse often destructive-blind, but depends on an inclusive sense, which suggests to the personality a moderate attitude in thinking, feeling and speaking-acting. In this attitude is the main feature for the correct service.

Service (the active aspect of the Soul)

Service is the "instinct" of the soul. Every instinct is something natural, the consciousness of Alma’s main logic is to be inclusive, and this logic, when the personality is receptive to the Soul, is expressed through responsibility. Responsibility and inclusive logic in this case are synonymous.

The personality, when it becomes receptive to the wisdom of the Soul and its silence welcoming, is inspired to show their talents, joyfully altruistic free and "with Heart", where his responsibility (inclusive logic) detects that he must to do.

To climb a step is to shake hands with the one who invites us up, and the heart grateful responds by offering the other hand to the one who follows.

* The paragraphs in italics are taken from the book "Esoteric Psychology II" by Alice Bailey-DK

David C.M.  (logos.astrologiaesoterica@gmail.com)
Translated from Spanish by Lester Fernandez

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