The duality through the horoscope

The duality

In the "world" we can clearly recognize two powers:

God in the Heart -versus- God in the Universe

The Heart is the inner "world", that which is our own, the "if same".
The Universe is the outer "world", the energies, revelations and impulses that arrive to us.

Now, if we look at this powerful duality we may think that we do not depend solely on what we have intrinsically recognized as our own, our "self", but also we depend on how we perceive, identify and manage those energies that come to us from the outside, and that, (and in this statement is the key), the clarity of this perception depends to a large extent on the evolutionary level of the perceived consciousness. 

The evolutionary level of consciousness is measured by the capacity it has to promote altruistic attitudes to the detriment of the most selfish. The "Kindness" of impersonality, detached, flexible and decentralized to the detriment of "that" more attached, inflexible, crystallized or personal.

The three levels of the horoscope

Astrologically speaking this psychological process has its reflection in the horoscope as:

The 12 constellations like the energies or new realities that arrive of the universe and with which to the greater impersonality and detachment better perception of them.

The meaning of the rising (ascendent) sign with its esoteric ruler, (in a small measure also the sun sign and its exoteric ruler), as that type of understanding that allows the acquisition of greater impersonality and detachment.

The quality of the ascendent is the mediating aspect, that type of meaning that, in a given life, Consciousness or Soul needs recognize for its correct evolution.

The planets and their position by houses and aspects (sextile, quadrature, etc.) as the force that holds subject to consciousness in matter, attachment or difficulty that in itself threatens the opportunity. All difficulty or crisis, in an evolved conscience, is the creator of the   "divine necessity".

We can understand by "divine necessity" as those basic forces once they have been readjusted and re-directed by the conscience through of the most spiritual principles and values. They are the fuel capable of maintain the constant "vision" or motivational aspiration along the way spiritual.

Neither outside nor inside is the union, but rather in the interrelation aware that allows the reduction of the material aspect thanks to the recognition the spiritual aspect.

Translated to English by Lester Fernandez
David C.M  (logos.astrologiaesoterica@gmail.com)

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