The birh chart of Jesus

Jesus, the man

HELLO, from Barcelona.I am an estudent and fervent admirer of the thought of Alice Bailey - the Tibetano (Djwal klhul).
I write to all of you this email to tell you not long ago them, that I was reading the last part of the URANTIA book* where the life of Jesus is related of loving and coherent way. I discovered a series of dates and data* on his life, among them: the one of the birth. Immediately I went to the computer, which went my surprise when discovering this sensational chart that them attached; if the ( The Magi) the three wise men were astrologers knew where they went!!!

He was incredible all the called planets old were in its regency less Saturn than this: 'taken hold by Jupiter', three called planets modern they played the most important role; the personality of Leon (sun) illuminated a great water triangle; the intensive devotion was written, (asc Scorpion, joint Marte- Neptuno).
The importance weight, sensitivity and traditionalism of the mother along with the nutrition of balance lunar form like expression of the qualities of: the SOUL, also was present in the exceptional Moon.Uranus in the IV, the revolutionezed the old writings with its didactic imagination; the conjuntion of both greater in the peak of the V, Piscis like symbol of the creativity. Venus from the XI and without clear contact with the aspect figure exerted  of 'leif motivates'; the part of the joint fortune to 'great Spica' the beneficial one and over everything in house X it appeared the symbol of the Esfinge, the union of the Virgin and Leon, the SOUL and the MATTER, the divine energy in consent being he Leon the base and Pluton the mind, the desire of CHRIST the Teacher and wire Mercury exerting, the great thread 'Silver' that unites..................Matter Soul SPIRIT.


As it says several times in his books Djwal Khul, it is necessary to believe more and more in the intuition. 'My intuition says to me: that it is true and ¿yours?.

JESUS was and is inoffensive relation, the positive of a pretty stroll walking of the nightingale.


*The book of Urantia is a book canalized in years 30 in the U.S.A., is in Internet translated to several languages. The last part is a splendid biography of Jesus where maximun interest is in emphasizing al human Jesus, it cheers, sensible. dynamic, friend and not the man of the cross.

*The dates of the book are 21 of august of the -7 ar noon ( it does not consider as year o is logical) the Solar Fire program: 21 aug 0007BC 12:00 pm; in Gregorian calender 19 of August of the -6 (astrodienst) Bethlehem.

*The date for its death also gives the book, Friday 5 of April 30greg Jerusalem near the 3 noon.

*The sideral single chart switch around three a half degrees and means towards in front of the tropical one. 

David C. M. (logos.astrologiaesoterica@gmail.com)
Translated from Spanish by: Lester Fernandez

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